How to Train A Dingo

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Having a dingo as a pet can be very rewarding and challenging at the same time. In fact, it takes higher-than-average skill and patience to obedience train a pet dingo than it does most breeds of domesticated dogs. Here are some tips on how to train a pet dingo.



  • Recognize that only young dingoes respond well to obedience training. In fact, you stand a much better chance of success if you have a pup of around 10 weeks.
  • It is not impossible to obedience train an older dingo. Nevertheless, this requires special handling and skilled treatment of the animals. Remember that dingoes lack a history of being domesticated and can easily revert to former behaviour dictated by genetics.


  • You must understand that your pet dingo will mature to become an independent thinker. That doesn’t mean he will refuse to obey your commands. The genetics markings make him prone to stubbornness and a problem solving ability to get what he wants.
  • Make sure that you obedience train your pet dingo with a leash, unless you yard is completely surround by high fencing. Even a tame dingo that has been part of the family for years will escape to the wild if given the chance.
  • Be firm and consistent when you obedience train your pet dingo, but be gentle. While dingoes rarely become aggressive, harsh reprimand, yelling or jerking of the leash will only result in making the dog fearful of you.


  • Reward positive behaviour with verbal praise and a treat. Actually, you should keep some kibble in your pocket during each obedience training session for this purpose.


Don’t give up! If your attempt to obedience train your pet dingo overwhelming, then get professional help. Find a local obedience trainer in your area willing to work with you and your pet dingo, possibly in a group of domesticated dogs to improve socialising skills at the same time.

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