About dingoes

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If there was a dog that should have been put into a cartoon then the dingo is definitely it. Such a playful and mild mannered wild dog these animals generally do not make good pets and should not be kept as pets but do survive well in their family packs in the harsh country of Australia. The dingo will attack a human if they feel that they are being threatened or that one of the young or the pack are in danger. A fully grown dingo and his family will have no trouble in attacking and killing a small child.

These animals like to roam in spread out lands where there is plenty of space to run and chase down its prey. The dingo likes to hunt using its pack because more numbers means a greater chance of successfully taking down its kill. There are many zoos and wildlife parks that have native dingoes in their habitats or on their grounds but there is nothing like seeing a real dingo in the wild as it walks proudly around its habitat.

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