Can Dingoes Make Good Pets

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Dingoes are native Australian dogs, and except for Tasmania, they can be found only on this continent. They are beautiful and fascinating dogs, but they have raised many concerns about whether they can make good pets or not. Dingoes usually live and hunt on their own, which means that they do not enjoy living in packs, but they do not have a problem with sharing their territory with other dingoes either. Regarding their physical appearance, they are medium-sized and they have a short-haired coat, which can vary in color from reddish ginger to yellow and brown.

One of the most interesting thing about dingoes is that they do not bark. They howl, however, and every howl means different things. As dingoes are carnivores, they prefer to eat meat, which is why they hunt and are considered predators. Their favorite ‘meals’ consist of rabbits and kangaroos, but their hunting made humans considerate them as pests. Dingoes can be found mostly at the edge of forests, because they have a great need for water, which they need to drink at least once a day. Now that you have learned all the basic things about dingoes, we should move on to the subject if dingoes can make good pets. Well, considering that the first inhabitants of Australia, the Aborigines, managed to domesticate dingoes and to live with them, the answer would be yes.

There are, however, other things that also need to be taken into consideration before adopting dingoes as pets. While there are many dingoes living among humans, they really love their freedom. The smartest thing to do thus would be to get a dingo puppy, because if you tame it when it is still little, you will not have any problems later. Also, know that dingoes cannot live in closed spaces, so if you want them as pets, you must have a yard where they can run freely. Dingoes are very smart, and they have the ability of learning fast, so they would make great companion and guardian dogs as well. So the conclusion is that dingoes can make good pets, as long as you have good care of them and tame them when they are little.

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