Dingoes – An Impressive Species

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Dingoes are extremely cute, so there is no wonder after all that so many people are eager to take them into their homes. Dingoes can make perfect pets, being really intelligent, too.

The species is original to Australia. Dingoes are actually an endangered species in this country. Some statistics show that there are only 200 pure Alpine dingoes left into the wild, at least in this region. Most individuals from the species can be found in the state of Victoria, naturally on the Australian continent.

Dingoes surely are extremely cute, as you can see in the video below:

It seems that dingoes just love to play. They can make perfect pets, but you should be careful. There are some regions in the world in which you will be required to possess a permit in order to keep a dingo into your home. If you want to own a dingo, you need to make sure that your choice will be perfectly legal.

Well, if adopting a puppy is something you are considering, you should know that the right time to take your dog in is between five and sixteen weeks. Getting your puppy as soon as possible is highly important, as dingoes are well known to bond best with a new family early in life.

If becoming a dingo owner is something that looks appealing to you, there is absolutely no reason why you should not make such a choice. A dingo can be a really unique and very cute pet for you and your family.

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Tips On How To Buy A Pet Dingo

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If you like to have a dingo as a pet, you should know a few things about it. Think very well if you are ready to be the owner of a dingo dog. You have to analyze things very well and make the final decision. The following instructions are very important:

1. Think very well if a dingo is the right pet for you. Analyze your habits, lifestyle, budget and living arrangement. Inform about dingo personality, needs and this will help you make the right decision.


2. Check the state, local or federal laws and regulations to be sure that it’s allowed to have a dingo as a pet.

3. Search on the Internet for reputable and reliable breeders or dingo farms. Ask for details and references and visit those locations you find to see the dingoes available.

4. Discuss with other dingo owners and ask them about other places or breeders to buy a dingo dog. There are many forums and groups on this topic, so join them to find out more.


5. Before buying your pet, try to spend more time to observe if there are any issues related to health or personality.


Keep in mind that it’s very important to bond with dingo babies to see if they are domesticated and affectionate. This will also help you see the relationship between you. Older dingoes are difficult to socialize, so you should look only for puppies.

Additionally, make sure that you follow the regulations and laws available fro your area concerning these beautiful animals.

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Dingo Dogs Are Smarter Than Regular Dogs

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The dingo is a free and wild dog mainly found in the outback of Australia. It is believed that its  ancestors arrived thousands of years ago in the area. The dingo is very similar to the regular dog, but doesn’t live among people, so it can easily be distinguished among other canines. It can survive in numerous types of habitats and needs to have water close to its habitat. In Australia, this type of dog is very important, as it has a great role in the ecosystem, many times acting as a predator and keeping under control the population of rabbits and rats that may affect cattle ranches.

See dingoes in the wild in the video bellow, filmed by two amateurs:



In the last years, studies were made to see if the dingo is more similar to the regular dog or to the wolf. In South Australia, one experiment managed to shed some light on the matter. A “detour task” test was used by researchers to see the reaction of the dingo. In the past, the same test was used to find out more information about the wolf. This method was used by them to to see how these species of dogs can solve spacial problems.




A detour task is one in which dogs are placed behind a fence and they can see a person or a treat after it. They need to figure out quickly how to reach that person or how to grab that treat. Tests showed that wolves are very quick when they need to figure out the spacial problem in order to reach a treat, while regular dogs need help from people and even after several trials they still fail to impress. In similar situations, dingoes manage to grab the treat quickly without needing human help to solve their problem.

The research including dingoes was made in Victoria, Australia and the results were published in a national journal studying the behavior of animals. If you want to understand better how a detour task is made in reality, you can watch a video with a few regular dogs being tested. You will see in the video that the people present in the same room with the dogs communicate with them all the time in order to help them carry the task to the end. In case of dingoes, human help is not necessary, as these wild dogs are able to find solutions on their own, like they do in the wild, where they live freely.


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Do Not Forget that Dingoes are Wild Dogs

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The history of dingoes goes back 15,000 years ago, when this dog breed was brought to Australia by the Koori people. The dingo is now considered to be Australia’s wild dog, as it lives in most Australian regions. In the recent years, many people have considered the idea of getting a dingo as a pet. While they are very social and can be very loving, let’s not forget that they are wild dogs and can never know what to expect from them. One of the reasons why so many people want to keep a dingo as a pet is its numerous interesting features. For instance, a dingo does not bark. It does not mean that it cannot bark, though. Instead of barking, these dogs choose to howl.

Imagine a dog howling every night and keeping you awake. How would you like that? In warm habitats, the dingo is nocturnal, which means that it is mostly active during the night, at dawn and at dusk. The dingo is only active during the day in colder climates or seasons. This means that you will not even get to enjoy your pet, since it will sleep when you are home and be active when you want to sleep. The dingo is a wild dog, which means that it is used to a certain habitat. It will not be very happy with being kept in a cage or a yard. It is true that a dingo can be trained and domesticated. Even so, the effort, time and dedication they require are quite high. You should consider keeping other breeds of dogs as pets, some that require less time and attention.

A dingo may be very intelligent, but it is also very independent, therefore is harder to train than other dogs. After all, they were born to live in the wild, and not in people’s homes. If you are not convinced by these arguments, know that having dingoes as pets in completely illegal in South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania. Other Australian regions such as the Northern Territory and Victoria require dingo owners to have a special permit in order to keep them as pets. The only Australian regions where no license is needed to keep them as pets are New South Wales and Western Australia. You should always remember that a dingo can be quite dangerous when provoked and can even bite you. Not to mention that they have larger canine teeth than domestic dogs! So, if you ask me, I think that keeping dingoes as pets is a bad idea.

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