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The dingo is what people might refer to as the native dog to Australia however it is the dingo that originally came from overseas near Indonesia. This is where man originally came from when they went in search for land and found Australia. The dingo is a very refined looking dog which has a powerful jaw for gripping the animals it wants to eat and strong legs for running fast to capture their prey. Dingoes cannot actually make the barking noise but howl instead. The howls of the dingoes go for many miles in all directions through the deserts of Australia so that packs of dogs can keep track of each other. The dingo also has a close relative that live in and around Thailand which are mostly dogs living on the streets of the overcrowded cities. The dingoes there also live in the forests where they can easily hunt for foods but are now competing with many people for the same meats.

In the dog world it is not uncommon for a female dog to be larger than the male however with the dingoes this is not actually a fact. Averaging around 15 kilograms per animal they are small and spindly creatures who hunt much larger prey than themselves using the pack to bring down these larger prey. Most of the dingoes are the same faun color however there are some that are pure white which are the rare colors. The dingoes usually live for around 5 to 10 years in the wild if there is good hunting and plenty of food around. The dingo dogs only mate once a year’s however they have a litter of pups with sometimes up to ten pups in one year. Not many of these pups will survive the first few months which is why the dingo has more to cope with the loses of the pack. The dominant female dingo will often kill the pups of other females which mean that her family will dominate the pack and therefore she will remain the dominant leader. The female will often regurgitate foods for the pups so that they can eat meats at a small age and then grow quickly.

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