Dingoes are Wonderful Pets

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Dingoes are the oldest form of dog in the world and have common ancestors with the other dogs. The blood strain that is found in most dog breeds today come from that of dingoes. Dingoes make wonderful pets just like any other dog breed. If you decide to have a dingo as pet, you should know that they are not that different from other animals. Dingoes love to walk, run, play and eat.

Some of the dingoes owners put the animals to a special training program, that will make them more sociable with their owners and their children. Unlike dogs, dingoes do not bark, so you will not have to worry about unplanned concerts in the middle of the night. If you already have dogs, the dingoes will get along with them perfectly. An interesting fact about dingoes is that are not very fond of water, so getting them to take a bath might require some extra effort.

Other than that, dingoes love to play and run around the house or in the forest. Dingoes are also very warm and with a friendly disposition and they sometimes give you the impression that they smile when they see you coming home. Although dingoes have been domesticated for some time now, they still have some instincts left, such as burying the food in the flower pots or under the pillows and cushions around the house.

In terms of food, dingoes like to eat almost anything that is meat-based, such as pork bones and chicken meat. Another interesting fact about dingoes you should know about is that they like being high and climbing up. If you find your dingo on the roof, don’t worry, it is natural for them to do this. Dingoes are also very clean animals and do not have that dog smell, and they do not jump on people. Dingoes are wonderful pets that give a lot of unconditional love and show respect and admiration for their owners. Dingoes are thus great pets to have around.

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