Dingoes as Pets

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The Australian Dingo is a free roaming wild dog unique to the continent of Australia. Surely you have thought about getting a common pet, such as a dog or a cat. If you want a more special pet, you have many possibilities. One of these options are the dingoes. Although they are wild animals, many people own dingoes, as they are both beautiful and smart. Of course, as with any wild animal, there are pros and cons to adopting dingoes as pets. For some people, dingoes are not suitable for families, whereas for others they are no different than other domestic dogs.

When they come in contact with the humans, dingoes can be very friendly and loving. Dingoes are known to have had a strong connection with people ever since the time of the indigenous Australians. Dingoes are considered to be very tame, and in some cases act just like the other domestic dogs, as well as specimens that remained wild and shy. Some scientists report that dingoes are actually very aggressive and completely uncontrollable. However, it all depends on how the puppy was raised. Dingoes are considered to be very loving and affectionate, they also possess a great intellectual ability that is connected to an enormous ability to learn. The best purpose for dingoes is them being shepherd dogs, since they have this instinct of keeping the group together.

If you decide to take in dingoes, you should consider some important aspects. First of all, the Dingo is not recommended for apartment life. Dingoes are wild dogs that if taken into a family, must not be chained in some back yard, but should be taken in as a member of the family. A securely fenced enclosure is a must, since dingoes need activity and space. Secondly, since it is a wild animal, it should get a lot of exercise. When they are in captivity, they need to be taken on a daily, long walk or jog to satisfy their natural migration instinct.

Dingoes are very smart animals that quickly learn things. They can make great pets, as long as the owner takes good care of them from their puppyhood.

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