Dingoes for pets?

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There is truth that keeping wild animals as pets is wrong because they are not getting the natural upbringing that they need to survive on their own so if the animal or bird is left alone it will not be able to defend itself. There are many animals around the world that people are trying to turn into pets however they do not work well as civilized animals because they are wild and there is only so much you can train a wild animal when it comes to changing their basic instincts. Dingoes are the perfect example of this because once they were said to be the domestic dogs of the Indonesian people as well as much later in history being the dogs of the native Australian aboriginals. Wild dogs of any kind can be unpredictable but the dingoes seem to have some good habits still breed into them. These dogs are great hunters and really good at ambushing their prey which is ideal for hunting if you need hunting dogs. Keeping dingoes as pets is still widely debated because of the bad history they have had such as the time the dingo was said to have taken a baby.

The dingo is a long and slender dog which is designed for high speeds or for walking long distances. They like their former aboriginal owners are nomadic which means they walk from place to place to find food, water and shelter from the elements. The dingo is said to be a long lost relative of the wolf which you can still see some similar characteristics like the facial features and the cunning eyes. Like the wolf the dingo can also howl which sends communications for long distances over great areas of land. This way they can find family or look for the rest of the hunting pack.

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