Dingoes of Australia

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There are many different wild dogs and cats all around the world from the big cats of the African plains to the giant dogs known as wolves and foxes. Although the fox is not a dog it does resemble a dog in many ways while the dingo is a pure dog in most respects and looks exactly like many of the breeds of dog that are found around different countries. Many years ago while Australia was still a part of the Indonesian islands these dogs called the dingo where originally from this area. When the land masses cleared themselves and separated by great distances the dogs found that they had to deal with new challenged and different environmental conditions. Unlike the islands from where they originated the dingoes where facing an environment which was much harsher and had less water so it was more difficult to survive. Their survival skills adapted over time to make them one animal that was able to withstand the difficult, dry and baron conditions of the Australian desserts and bush lands.

Surviving is these conditions were all to do with a change of tactics in their hunting skills so that the dingoes became less of a scavenger and more of a hunter and ambusher of its prey. The dogs are known to take down prey that is much bigger than them when in bigger family packs working just like the wolf and lions which surround and tackle their prey before sharing it amongst the other family members. They are fast runners built for speed over short distances to medium distances however they have been known to travel great ways over long periods of time in search for food supplies and water supplies for their very survival. Without the traveling the food supplies of the dingoes can become scarce over time as the weather and seasons change.

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