Dingoes on their own turf

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Dingoes are the native wild dog that has lived in the Australian bush and desert for thousands of years and is believed to have been introduced from the northern island of Indonesia. The dingo is said to be related to a wolf from many years ago which was an animal that may have never actually trodden on Australia soil.

Light weight and fast runners the dingoes can easily run down their prey or use an interesting technique like an ambush to catch bigger meals. The dingo unlike the domesticated doges only breed once a year during a particular season which means that their young must have a good chance of survival for the benefit of the pack.

In the dingo packs these animal get together to hunt, raise their young in the securest way they can and defend their hunting and breeding grounds from other animals and dingo packs. Dingoes are generally only attacked by other dingoes, humans, crocodiles or any larger animal that the dingo intrudes on. Snakes are also another killer of the dingo especially for an inexperienced pup however large eagles have been known to take pups as food too.

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