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The dingo’s looks really are in the eye of the beholder when you see this amazing animal in the wild. Some people will say that this dog looks proud and cunning while others say it is just a pest, something that looks like it should be irradiated. Lucky for the dingo it is a protected animal in Australia because it is a native animal which means hunters are not allowed hunting or pouching the dingoes for any reason. Kangaroos are in plague proportions in Australia which is why culling of the animal is necessary however the Dingoes are far and few between which means we need to look after them if they are going to survive.

These dogs that originally came from Indonesia when the land masses were still joined have mastered the art of the ambush hunt which is the easiest way for a smaller animal to hunt down a larger one. The dingo has been known to attack animal that weight more than twice its own size if they are backed by the pack in which they are a member of. In numbers just like many of the other carnivorous animals these dogs are capable of hunting some very interesting prey. Horses, kangaroos, wallabies and anything else that might have a chance of getting away can be taken on by the pack and made into the next family meal. Some Dingoes have been domesticated for hunting by the indigenous population of Australia which is a perfect way for these animals to prove just how capable hunters they are.

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