Facts About Dingoes

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Dingoes are animals which are thought to have origins associated with domesticated dogs which were originally brought to Australia from Indonesia. The dingo is the largest meat-heating land-dwelling animal in Australia and they only kill enough to feed those which are in their own pack. Although the dingo does not emit a barking sound, it has a complex series of howls which are used for communication and mating purposes. Dingoes have been known to make snort and purring noises as well, depending on what they are trying to express at any given moment. When a dingo mates with another, it is usually for life.

These animals are known for forming small yet tight-knit packs which are lead by several dominant dingoes. The average lifespan for one of these animals is around ten years, although it is closer to thirteen if they are kept safe in captivity. The dingo’s diet consists mostly of small reptiles including lizards as well as insects and rodents. Threats to the dingo include domesticated dogs, jackals, and in some case humans who hunt them. Other dingoes can be considered an enemy or predator, as they are eaten by their own kind for sustenance. The dingo resides mostly in Australia, although there are zoos and enclosures around the world that keep dingoes in captivity to keep them safe and allow others to see them for the beautiful and astounding creatures they are.

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