The dingoes’ population problem

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The dingoes that are the native dog to Australia do not really have a population problem because unlike many of the native animals of Australia that are endangered or reducing in population each day the dingo dogs are able to hold their own. They are unique at being able to survive in both the deserts of Australia where they scratch a living of the smaller animals like the kangaroo mouse and lizards which inhabit the deserts as well as doing very well in the forests where there are more animals to choose from for meals.

Dingoes come on various colors but are usually a faun color like the lions of Africa. There are also very white dingoes which are not uncommon. The dingoes are great hunters and rely on family to hunt in packs. They are accomplished at the art of ambushing their prey with one or two dogs chasing the bigger animals into a lager pack of dogs. Like the lions and other big animals of prey these dogs kill bigger animals like kangaroos, sheep and cattle by striking at the neck and forcing its prey to suffocate.

This mammal is strictly a carnivore which feeds on meat and has been known to help the native aboriginals in their hunt for food. The dingo dogs were said to be introduced from Asia several thousand years ago before the continental plates separated the two countries. If the dingo lives in a pack then the dominant female will bear children once a year and is known to kill the young of other females to remain dominant. The purity of the dingo breed is becoming compromised due to the mistreatment and release of other breeds of dogs that become wild and then mix with the dingoes.

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