Would You Like Dingoes As Pets

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Dingoes are believed to be related to domesticated dogs and they were brought to Australia from Indonesia. Dingoes love eating meat and they live and attack in packs that are dominated by a powerful leader. Dingoes live for about ten years, but if they have great life conditions as they can have in captivity, they can live more.

Dingoes look very much as the dogs which we have as pets. Dingoes eat lizards, rodents and insects, too. Unfortunately, dingoes are very often hunted by humans. Although they live in Australia, they are in many zoos around the world. Having dingoes as pets is a great challenge for humans and is recommended to monitory their number in order not to be the problem of extinction. The fact that dingoes hunt in packs is a great advantage for them because they can hunt a bigger prey than their size. In a dingoes pack are rules and every dingo knows its rights and its obligations.

Dingoes mate once a year, but the good news is that they can have many puppies, about up to 10 puppies. Although dingoes are protected in Australia, sometimes they are illegally hunted, their number decreasing. Other negative fact is that their puppies, although can be many, not all of them survive, so the packs can be destroyed easily. Dingoes are great hunters and some of them have been domesticated by the indigenous population that exists in Australia. If you have the opportunity it is great to see a dingo running free, although it is nice to see dingoes in zoos, too. Dingoes, generally, have the color of a lion, but there can be other colors, too. One interesting and rare color that they can have is white. Dingoes are mixed with other types of dogs and as a conclusion, it is hard to tell if there will be pure dingoes. Dingoes are strong animals that can adapt in the deserts, but also in the forests where the food is more diverse.

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